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MacK's Auto we are dedicated to providing you with quality care to keep you riding safe. 

Grinding, excessive oil consumption, noises, staling, smoking or an off smell?  These may be signs of engine problems. Trust Mack's to fairly diagnose and repair your vehicle.



When your A/C or heat goes out it can make for a very uncomfortable ride.  It may be as simple as a recharge or there may be a more complex issue. MacK's will diagnose and repair your vehicle so you can get comfortably back on the road in no time.




Issues with your suspension and wheels not only cause you a bumpy ride, but cause problems with your vehicles ability to preform properly and keep you safe.  Signs may include noise,  wheels pulling, bouncing or difficulty steering. If you are experiencing some of these you should have your vehicle inspected. You may need some work done to keep you safe and riding smooth again.


Slipping gears, leaking or low fluid, whinning, clunking or humming?  These MAY be signs of a faulty transmission.  

No matter how you look at it, a puddle on your garage floor is not something you like to see. Antifreeze, transmission, power steering, oil, or brake fluid are a few items that may be the cause. At MacK's we can take a look at your vehicle to determine where a leak may be coming from and determine how we can fix it for you.



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